League play 5 weeks

Co-ed 2nd - 12th grade

Teams divided by skill level/age                                Just $25

Season begins July 2017

Freestyle LAX is a hybrid sport; a variation of Lacrosse, Soccer, and Hockey. The sport was created for both boys and girls experienced, or first-timers, to play together on the same field as a team.

The rules have been adjusted to accommodate fair, and safe play for everyone - boys and girls 2nd - 12th grade.

Freestyle LAX focuses more on speed, agility, stick-handling, and communication, than the brawn and bruising of typical mens lacrosse; yet its not the same as womens lacrosse either. Because there's more focus on developing proper technique than contact, theres less equipment required. Newcomers learn fundamentals. while the experienced players can stay sharp and take their game to another level. Brace yourself for the next big thing... Freestyle LAX begins this summer!